Guillermo Bautista 

I am the organizer of this blog.  I work in a university in the Philippines specializing in the integration of ICT in teaching mathematics. I am a fan of freeware, Web 2.0, and blogging.

I am a supporter of GeoGebra, a free mathematics software for teaching and learning mathematics. I have created more than 50 tutorials about it from beginner to advanced level. 

I am also a busy blogger. Aside from School of Freebies, I am the writer of the following blogs:

  • Mathematics and Multimedia - a blog that promotes conceptual understanding of mathematics and integration of technology. It contains numerous software tutorials such as GeoGebra, Wordpess, Wingeom and other free software on the net. 
  • Proofs from The Book - ( a blog about proofs in high school mathematics.
  • Guitech - a sharing blog of all the free stuff for teaching and learning on the internet.  

Irina Boyadzhiev

Irina Boyadzhiev is a Senior Lecturer in Mathematics at The Ohio Sate University  at Lima, where she teaches mathematics and computer applications. Her interests include also mathematics education, the use of technology in teaching of mathematics, and recreational mathematics.

In addition to contributing to GeoGebra Applets Central and GeoGebra Tube, Irina maintains a website with more that 90 GeoGebra applets on different topics.  

Erlina Ronda

I believe that K-10 mathematics is about developing students’ mathematical thinking and communication capacities in the context of learning mathematics. Experience and education have also taught me that mathematical thinking, communicating mathematically, and mathematics are best learned in the context of solving problems and doing mathematical investigations.

I love to develop mathematical tasks and activities that involve basic mathematics concepts but has the potential to engage both teachers and  students in higher level thinking. I am particularly interested in students’ learning trajectory for specific content topic.
My work includes doing research in mathematics teaching, writing curriculum materials and facilitating professional development programs for mathematics teachers. I taught mathematics for 8 years before my current work.
Blog: Mathematics for Teaching