Sunday, February 12, 2012

New Blog: Mathematical Palette

Hi all. I have been very busy these past days, I hope to be back next week to create more GeoGebra applets.  

One of the reasons that I am busy because I am setting up a new blog titled Mathematical Palette. It's a blog that celebrates mathematical art, beauty, and wonders. I will be discussing non-content mathematics. I will  focus on the connections of mathematics to other fields such as the arts, music, computer science, etc., in an appreciative manner. Math Palette is a light reading blog and is recommended for elementary school and high school students, math lovers, and math haters as well. 

I have written a short description about the blog to give you an idea of what types of posts I am planning to do in the future. I have also already have written three posts.

Let me also make an announcement:
To all math blog carnival lovers, you may submit your entries  on or before February 18, 2012.  The post date is February 20, 2012.

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